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  1. Sonrisa would like to shout out a sincere gracias to all the participants of the Sonrisa Smile Celebration Sale and Raffle including What’s Mom for the use of the beautiful space.

    The goal was met thanks to the contributors of the raffle, the winners and the generous donators; now two brothers are able to start the upcoming school year January 2013.

    Read on for prizes and winners.

    The Wooden Spoon: Laurie Whitaker
    Yogarama Athletica: Barbara DuLong
    Burton Snow Board: Callie Fortin
    Case of Wine: Michelle Formell
    J Hilburn: Mary Ann Athanas
    Golf Lesson: Kathy O’Brien
    Juniors Restaurant: Barbara Henle
    Spare Time: Shari Levine
    The Guild: Joey Purvis
    JP’s Restaurant: Joey Purvis
    VT Artisan Coffee: Amy Hamme
    and Tea
    Sonrisa: Shari Levine
    Gonzo’s Golf: Ken Burnette
    Wings Over
    Burlington Kim Kinney

    Thank you to all contributors!

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