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  1. Congrats Gracie for a job well done!! You pulled off a great party complete with a good time and a successful fundraiser!!

    You have made a bit of the world a better place!!

  2. All of the kids at Semillas de Amor send you, Gracie, a huge thank you and a huge hug for sharing your birthday with them. A trip to the children’s museum is going to be such a treat. Thank you for your love and compassion, we are very grateful to you. From all the kids at Semillas de Amor

  3. grace

    your welcome it was my plesure i hope the kids have a wonderful time
    love,grace p.

  4. A wonderful follow up to Grace’s contribution is posted on the Semillas de Amor website. Please take a look at what her hard work led to – An adventure in fun, food and exploration!


    Thank you to Grace for creating memories that will last a life time!

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